Other reasons to use a drain valve (and hose) may be to:

  • Divert the oil stream away from a part that obstructs the oil flow
  • Facilitate easier draining due to poor tool access/access in general
  • Permanent replacement of drain plug which has been stripped
  • Drain when hotter.

Where are the used?

Engine oil drain valves have been around for decades. Traditionally, the domain of heavy industry with strict maintenance schedules, they have found their way into the workshops of trucking fleets, small equipment OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and motoring enthusiasts. Their usage doesn't stop there. They are now used on boats, motorcycles and even aircraft.

Where do you get them?

In Australia, the two main brands Fumoto Oil Drain Valve and EZ Oil Drain Valve are available online.

We have done a comparison of the two.